SEO Analisys

We will assist you in digital targeting, picking the right keywords for your clients, analysing pay per click efficiency and forecasting results from SEO.

Customer Support

We will study your geographic target markets and offer your products and services per local customers' orders


We do several types of advertising for products and services: Online Advertising (Social Media Marketing and promotions, SEM, etc.)

IT support

Professionals at BGT will work IT teams to identify and apply correct technology according to your business strategy.

Sales skills training and simulations

Our teams will assist you in generating more leads, increasing your sales performance through digital channels


We will survey the scale of engagement of customers towards the social media networks which you decide to employ

A big business starts small! Together we can envision, inspire and transform your business.


Our management consulting services focus on our clients’ most critical issues and opportunities: strategy, marketing, organization, operations, technology, transformation, digital, advanced analytics, corporate finance across all industries and geographies. We bring deep, functional expertise, but are known for our holistic perspective: we capture value across boundaries and between the silos of any organization. We have proven a multiplier effect from optimizing the sum of the parts, not just the individual pieces.


From evolving customer expectations and emerging technologies to more nimble companies entering industries, businesses today are more at risk for disruption than ever before.

Whether you’re experiencing challenges with company culture, internal processes or need a new business strategy to reflect your envisioned future, we’re here to help.

Our business consulting services can help you adapt to today’s market dynamics and continue to compete no matter the threats you might be facing. Tools to enable optimal remote work can help minimize or prevent disruption in your operations.


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